Rod Building-Guides-Wire-Stainless Steel


Wire guides are ideal for Ice rod building. The lightweight and simple design sheds much of the water that would accumulate as ice. When ice does build up it is easily removed by pinching the guide and the ice just pops off because the surfaces are all smooth and there are no edges for the ice to hold onto.

I offer three types in 6 sizes:

Stainless Steel in Black or Chrome finish

Single foot Fly guide: sizes #3 for tip top and running guides. #5 or #6 for a choke guide and a single foot wire spinning guide in size #10 or #12 is used as a stripper guide

Hook Keepers: Stainless Steel with a Black or Chrome finish

#3: 6.2mm ID

#5: 7mm ID

#6: 7.5mm ID

#10 7.66mm ID Height:15.5mm

#12 mm 9.75ID  Height:22mm

Tube Tip Top: Ring 6.2mm ID

Tube size:1.7mm ID

Hook Keeper:

Large: Length 19.5mm Height 7mm

Small:Length 17.3mm Height 5mm