Stuart Manning

Facebook: ACE Custom Rods

Phone or Text: 612-310-7212

Email: AceCustomRods@gmail.com

Stuart Manning, owner of ACE custom Rods, has always been an active creator.  His passion for fishing was preceded by sailing, rock climbing and dirt biking. Stuart will tell you, his favorite part of his hobbies is the equipment! Unimpressed with production rods, and never afraid of a do-it -yourself project, He began learning the craft of rod building.  Stuart’s career as a scenic artist prepared him for the creative demands of using raw materials to create a beautiful and functional fishing tool. The process is a perfect blend of the sportsman and artist that he is! 

Rods are produced with the highest quality materials available. Each rod is handcrafted to blend form and function. The result is a well crafted solid rod at a reasonable price.