Rod Building-Blanks-Ice-Fiberglass


*Nuclear Noodle- This GLOW in the dark unpainted Natural Noodle blank has an ultra sensitive tip that leads into an incredible backbone. It excels as a panfish rod. You can see the lightest bites and even the lift bites as the fish swims up with your bait and the tip unloads and becomes straight. The Noodle also works great as a light deadstick. You can watch as your tip wiggles from the swimming action of your live bait and then make that exciting dip as your prey takes the the hook.

Blank Type: 36" Solid Fiberglass Noodle Extra Fast :FNXF

Dimensions: Length: 36" Tip: .8mm Butt: 5.56mm 


*MediumLight- This Glow blank is incredible for ripping lures for walleye. The softer feel of fiberglass helps tune the lure action to a more natural presentation. When you do hook into a fish you will notice that the softer action of glass keeps the pressure more consistently on the fish making it darn near impossible for them to spit the hook. 

Blank Type:Solid Fiberglass MediumLight Fast Action:FMLF

Dimensions: Length: 36" Tip: 1mm Butt: 5.98mm 

*Tight/Sight- A Glow in the dark blank that is specifically designed for tight lining and or sight fishing. Both methods of fishing require a moderate action blank that delivers a solid hook set with enough forgiveness to save you from ripping off the lips. The softer action of glass also works really well to keep the pressure on the hook while the fish fights. 

Blank Type:Solid Fiberglass Light power, Moderate action 

Dimensions: 22” Tip:1.11mm Butt 5.4mm


*Deadstick- Deadsticking live bait is a very effective method for Walleye, Crappie, Perch, PIke or any predator fish. This GLOW blank has the perfect action to snare fish in your trap without them even realizing it till it’s too late. I strongly recommend also installing a wire bite indicator to the tip of the rod so you can watch the activity of your live bait and the light bites as your target fish tries to sneak away with your bait. 

Blank Type:Solid Fiberglass MediumLight power, Moderate/Fast action

Dimensions: Length 36” Tip:1.11mm Butt: 6mm

*Medium-Heavy Power/Moderate-Fast Action

Glow in the Dark Fiberglass Ice rod blank.
This is something I have been working on for a long time. A longer blank that will work well for: Large trout, Sturgeon, Catfish and big Pike size game fish. Jig away or load it up in an automatic fisherman; the moderate action will work perfectly for both.
 Blank type: Solid Fiberglass glow in the dark

Dimensions: Length: 48” Tip: 1.93mm Butt: 6.4mm