ACE Custom Rods-Custom Built-Ice Rods-Fiberglass-Nuclear Power Noodle


Glow in the Dark impregnated Fiberglass.

This noodle blank has an ultra sensitive tip that leads into an incredible backbone. It excels as a panfish rod. You can see the lightest bites and even the lift bites as the fish swims up with your bait and the tip unloads and becomes straight. The Noodle also works great as a deadstick. You can watch as your tip wiggles from the swimming action of your live bait and then make that exciting dip as your prey takes the the hook.

Blank Type: Solid Fiberglass Noodle Extra Fast :FNXF

Length: This rod can be made 16" long up to 36" Please request exact length in Comment section of your Shopping Cart.

***If you wish to make additional custom changes to your rod order see the product named: 


There you can choose special order features such as:

Nitinol wire bite indicator

Custom EVA foam handles (like the  GREEN HORNET)

Grooves in handle for Cold Snap Reel Wraps

Handwriting on rod blank

Extra guides or special guides

Custom painted rod blanks